Help us squash bugs!
by Steve Testone on February 10th, 2010

Now that we've finished and launched the new developer account, we're turning our attention to what next. I've decided that our number one priority before we move on to creating any new features should be to completely optimize all of our tools and squash as many bugs as we possibly can so that everything runs faster and is more stable.

There are a lot of things that SnapPages does very well, but I know that there are some things that we can, and must, do much better and making our products more stable is one of them. We're committed to doing whatever is necessary in order to do this because that's what you deserve. We've already begun the process of going through much of the site with a fine tooth comb to see where can we speed things and how can we optimize. We might even be looking at upgrading our servers if we think it's needed.

Apart from these optimization efforts, I'm personally about to go on a massive bug hunt and I'm out to destroy any bugs I find with extreme prejudice. This will be a huge effort and we're going to need your help! If you know of any sort of glitch/bug/annoyance that we need to know about, I've created a new dedicated place in the forums to post these. Please let us know about any on going issues you are having here so that others can see them and comment if they are having the same issue as well. That way also we can get information from everyone having the issue so that we can find the problem and solve it. Here is a link to the bug report in the forums:

When you post here it would be very helpful for us to know things like what operating system you are on(Windows XP, Vista, Mac OSX...) and what browser you are using(Internet Explorer 6,7,8, Firefox, Safari...). Also try to keep in mind that we already have an area in the forums to post feature suggestions so it would be helpful as well if we can keep the bugs and the wishlist separate.

Thanks again for being the best users in the world, we really could not do this without your support and the great feedback you give us.

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RJ - February 19th, 2010 at 5:08 AM
I find the layout options to be quite limiting. It would be good if there was more flexibility here ie. you could add a custom layout rather than having to comply with what's given. At the moment I'm having to improvise and add blank text blocks to try and get things to line up but this is not ideal. I know that's not a bug but just a little issue that I've found to be quite frustrating.

Cheers Steve
Rachael - February 23rd, 2010 at 3:58 PM
Snappages freezes when I go to manage my web page. I have many other friends have this same problem. Any help?
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