Tips for church websites
by Nick on November 15th, 2010

Let’s face it, technology and spirituality just have not always gone hand in hand, especially on the internet. Many churches have either had to make do with incredibly basic or cookie-cutter looking sites for years simply because of budget or because no one on staff was a "techy". Finally, we are changing all that.

Any church can afford and learn how to use our site building platform. If you help manage your church's website or your looking to create one, here's a few helpful tips to get you started.
Things that need to be clearly visible and easily accessible:

1. Service Times, Location & Contact Information - Make sure your church’s service times are in an easy-to-see spot on the main page with your address and a link for driving directions to Google Maps. Unless you have a unique perspective on the spiritual journey, people should not have to embark on an epic quest to find your location and times. Put your contact info in a readily visible spot on the main page as well.

2. Mission Statement - Believe it or not, we have seen church sites where they fail to mention their purpose entirely, thinking news and events posts and some generic pictures will do the trick. Give a brief (yes brief) purpose statement! People want to know! You should also add a link at the end of it that leads to a message from the church pastor, where vistors will receive a more comprehensive understanding of what your church is about.

Note: This could be a video of some sort on the main page, just make it short and then have a link below it to something more in depth further inside the site.

3. Calendary of Events - Although events do not describe your church, it is imperative that these are up-to-date and easily visible. It's good for your members and vistors to see what's going on. We have a Calendar App, and we encourage you to use it often!

4. Pictures - Yes, stock photos are nice, but are they really you? No! Why would any church want to use stock photos? The church is comprised of the people after all, so take pictures of your facilities and your congregation being active in your church. We specialize in photo manipulation and presentation, so please take advantage of it. Use graphic designs specific to your ministry (if you have the resources) and let people get to know the community behind the website!

5. Downloadable Material - We are very excited about our new Files App, and we hope you are too. Churches can use this particular tool to have downloadable bible studies for small groups, activities for kids, etc. Take advantage of it.

6. Ministry Links - Create a tab where all of your current ministries are visible with short explanations for each. This way people can find the ministry in your church that they best connect with. Also, this might be a good place for you to list your service ministries where folks can easily navigate to service opportunities and contact information.

7. About Us/Staff Page - People want to know who is helping to lead the church. Make a page for this that has some basic information about each staff member and a way to contact them.

8. Social Media - You can add social media to your site and you should. Social Media tools allow for your church to stay connected, communicate more effectively and lead others to your church that you may have not known otherwise.
Just so you know, these are suggestions. Things we believe are good to have when creating a website on SnapPages for your church. If you have other suggestions, please just comment below. We are thrilled that we can offer this to churches so that they can spend less time and resources on their website and more on the important things.

Here are some examples of SnapPages sites created for churches just so you can see what your church can do with our help!

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homer snibbs - November 26th, 2010 at 2:38 PM
you sure the first church is spelled that way?
Steve Testone - November 26th, 2010 at 8:57 PM
Good catch. It's corrected now.
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