Useful. Simple. Awesome.
by Steve Testone on March 24th, 2011

Every company needs a goal and a vision to keep them focused on what it is they are trying to do. This vision is what helps define not only what you do and why you do it but also what you don't do and why you don't. It should be your benchmark, your ruler, and your guide because without it you are just stumbling around in the dark trying not to make a mess of things. You'll find that this is true in life as well.

The vision for SnapPages has never really changed, but I've only recently come to define it in a clear statement. I'm not sure if this is technically a vision statement or a mission statement or whatever, but I like it and it helps give clarity to what it is we do. I'm just going to call it a motto for lack of a better word. So here is the new company motto:

Make it useful. Make it simple. Make it awesome.

Everything we do must meet these three requirements. I thought it would be good to share it with everyone because I get a lot of questions like "what makes you guys so different", or "why do you do this and not that?" and I think this motto helps answer those questions.

If something is not useful then why make it in the first place. Most companies manage to make things that are useful for at least a small group of people, so this is not really revolutionary, just neccesary. It becomes much harder when you are trying to make something both equally useful and yet simple.

Simplicity is too often underated and ignored. It is harder to be simple because it means you have to spend a lot more time thinking about the difference between what features you could add and which ones you should add. It means putting the extra time to develop something that takes one step instead of five. Some people enjoy and appreciate complicated things, but I believe most people don't appreciate or enjoy them, they simply put up with them. If you enjoy complicated things, there are many complicated solutions out there, we just aren't one of them.

Creating something useful takes some work, and making it simple takes even more, but making it awesome is hardest of all. Maybe it's just me but if you are going to do something, why not make it as awesome as you can? It's hard to define what awesome means but I basically just think if someone is using your product would they say "That's sort of neat.", or would they say "Whoa! That's awesome!". The latter is obviously what we are shooting for here.

Making a product awesome is what makes the difference between just getting the job done, and making it an enjoyable experience. It's what causes people to love something, rather then just like it.

In Conclusion...
So I'll get off my soap-box now. Basically I say all this to tell you that we are dedicated to this purpose and we will continue to be dedicated to it. My head is just about to explode with all the ideas and plans we have and hopefully that will make you almost as excited as I am about it. I firmly beleive that we are just scratching the surface of what SnapPages will become and we are going to constantly strive to make it more useful, more simple, and more awesome!

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janet richardson - March 24th, 2011 at 8:36 PM
love it!
Heather Mangold - March 24th, 2011 at 8:36 PM
Useful. Simple. Awesome. Love it!
Peter Lowy - March 27th, 2011 at 7:16 AM
awesome! greatly appreciate and admire the joy and passion you all have for snappages. It is by far the best product out there for creating your own web presence. Though I'd perhaps modify the slogan to: Useful. Simple. Elegant. Awesome! Because it truly is all of these things and more and I am one customer out there who not only loves his new website but is excited as you all at the features not yet realized or imagined but eagerly awaits the possibilities....thanks for all you do!
Tina M. - April 8th, 2011 at 11:37 AM
Mission accomplished! I'm so glad there is a thing called Snap Pages!
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