SnapPages 101: Getting Started Guide
by Kim Friesz on September 23rd, 2011

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping you build the best website possible and offering our users exceptional support and experience we are going to be regularly posting tips to help you go further with your website. All along the way, we want your feedback on what you would like to know and how we can help you. We are passionate about your experience on SnapPages and want your website to really work for you.

So let's get going, for those of you that have gone through the website wizard, and are ready to take the next step you can begin with content and customization. To see what your site currently looks like go to (replace the username in this example with your username used to login).
Customize Your Content and Pages: The Web Pages App
The content on your pages such as text, images and buttons are edited within the Web Pages app, which can be found on the homescreen or from the apps drop down at the top of the screen. Simply choose the page from the list on the left that you would like to edit or add a new page and then customize by adding or editing blocks on the page. The block choices are listed on the left when editing a page and are grouped by type.

For most blocks, if you select to edit the block when placed on the page options for customizing the block will appear in the lower left hand portion of the editor. Across the top of the page editor, there are options to change the page layout and add a billboard to any page.

Note: The Page when in "edit" mode will not show your theme applied. Instead you will see a standard view that is the same for everyone (generic theme). If you preview the page (lower right corner), you will see your content with your chosen theme applied.
Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Website: The Themes App
The Themes app manages the overall look and feel of the site, such as the shell color, font choices, logo, background image or color, links and images in the header and other things related to the website's look and feel. In the Themes App, you can add your logo or choose a different theme to customize. You can find a little site inspiration in the SnapPages Showcase.

Note: Changes and selections made in the "Themes" application will not be reflected in the “Web Pages” application (and vice versa). You can see the changes made to your content within your chosen design theme by visiting it online at (replace in this example the words "yourusername" with your username used for login.
Connect a Domain to Your Website: The Domain Names App
If you have not purchased a domain name yet, you can purchase one and add email (optional) by going to the Domain Names App, purchasing your product(s) and then connecting your domain to your website. If you already have a domain that is hosted elsewhere, you can quickly and easily point your domain name to your SnapPages website (no transferring required) - read this post on Pointing a Domain Hosted Elsewhere to Your Website. SnapPages purchased domains can connect to personal (free) accounts or Pro accounts, however domains purchased elsewhere can only be linked to a Pro Account. Not to worry, we offer a free 14 day trial of the Pro Account and a credit card is not required for the trial, just select any of the upgrade to pro icons.
Promote Your Website: Settings Area (Plugins) and 3rd Party Apps and Services
When you're ready to do so, you can actively promote your new website by sharing it via email, through building a Facebook fan page and connecting your site with the top social networking sites and if you have a Pro Account you can easily submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Additionally you can explore purchasing Google AdWords, listing your business with Google Places, and encouraging clients to post reviews on review boards such as Yelp, and other relevant review sites.

Understand Your Website Visitors: Google Analytics for Website Traffic Analytics

One tool you definitely won't want to live without is Google Analytics; it gives you information about who visits your website, where they're from, what keywords they are using to find you and much more. This information can help you tailor your content for your audience. Within the settings area of your account under plugins, there is an area to add a Google Analytics Code - read this post on adding Google Analytics in SnapPages. (Please note that in general it takes a few days before you start to see traffic data for your website.) This feature is available to our Pro Account users - select any of the upgrade to pro icons within your account to start your free 14 day trial (a credit card is not required for the trial).
Help People Find Your Website: MetaTags, SEO and Google WebMaster Tools
You'll want to make sure your website has a descriptive title, a description (both are setup within the website wizard start-up) and then for Pro Account holders, be sure to submit your website's sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster Tools. You can fine-tune your metadata in your account's Settings Area under SEO. After updating your meta tags, and linking a domain to your website (if you plan on doing so), then you can submit your sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster tools. Here is a post on how to submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools within SnapPages.
So go ahead… dive on in! If you ever need a hand, go to the "Help Center" found on the left hand side of your account’s home screen. Also, you might find the answers to many of your questions in our knowledgebase or get help from other SnapPages users in the SnapPages Community Help Forums. Be sure to show us your website creation after you have finished by sharing it on our Facebook page and in the Site Review section of the forums.

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Keith - February 29th, 2016 at 4:14 AM
i must be thick, i have duplicate pages come up on my website. HTM extensions. I have tried to find out how to get rid of them from showing up with the search results and analytics. Can anyone help.

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